Tuesday, May 10, 2016

First day of summer pre-training

Well, our 3rd day working the pointers I have in for summer camp - the next 6 wks we will work them off an on until we get up to Timber Lake.

Scout - 4 month old daughter of Elhew Fibber McGee - awesome little orange and white female that has a beautiful point.

Jack - 10 month old male - grandson of Island Grove Brute and doing a wonderful job on birds right now

Vee- 10 month old female - littermate to Jack - impressive young dog

Saint - 10 month old female - Not as good as the previous three puppies but I have hope that she will get more intent and better with experience

Keith - Posting from Under the Live Oaks

Sunday, May 8, 2016

New digs same stomping ground

Well, we will be returning to Timber Lake area this will be our 10th summer after a two summer absence.  We are so looking forward to more adventures on the Buffalo Prairies of Sitting Bull and the trapping grounds of Henry, Glass and Smith.

Monday, September 9, 2013

4th week running

Well, trying to catch up on what is happening.  All the older dogs are doing awesome as well as the puppies.  The derbies - first year dogs are not having the contacts we had hoped.  We still have a month to figure out ways to get them into birds.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

3rd week running

Well, the wheat is out now and the birds are more available - just about every dog in every brace is getting at least one bird contact each - still need to work on getting the really young dogs into birds more.

Beau and Otis - - on our evening walks they are getting into birds - about 6 last night night over 3 contacts - pretty good - obedience is slow - but marking and retrieving is good

Sassy, Zeus, Phoenix, Rev - Need more bird work - Sassy getting excited - Zeus a little too excited, as well as Phoenix - Rev needs to get more serious

Annie, Kate, Patch and Liz - Annie doing awesome, Kate running well but needs birds, Patch still a little hormonely challenged and Liz starting to get with it more and pointing better

All the puppies are getting more bird work

All in All a great week so far

Keith - Posting from Under the Rusty Windmill

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

End Week running going awesome

Well, we are doing good - working hard on dogs.  We are getting bird work on dogs but mostly pairs and small groups - we had dog work on all braces yesterday

Boss - Beautiful broke find, handling to the front and staying in close and coming with me

Bo - Big running puppy - he had a find on sharp tail

Beau - 3 puppy points and knocked the birds - pretty awesome

Striker - Had a nice back - before he went over the hill and I had to track him down

Phoenix - Nice find and back - working on pattern

Otis and Beau - working some long water retrieves - marking is great will concentrate on obedience and hold - getting into birds too

Rev - Hard running dog - mostly front no bird work yet

Mike - Very nice back last time on the ground working on handling and doing better

Jessie - Awesome big front running dog - 3 finds last time she was free ran - holds for a long time but will knock birds on occasion

Tina - Awesome young derby - wonderful backs and finds - will work more on her steadiness in the yard, nice pattern - doing awesome.

Ricky - Running big - had to correct him pretty hard yesterday - I expect his head is right now - more work in the yard and we will get him broke I am sure

Wheat coming out now and I expect lots more finds in the next week or two.

Keith - Posting from Under the Rusty Windmill

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

1st week of horseback work going well

Well, our first week of horseback work is going well.  We have had lots of bird contacts considering the moisture and stuff - cool temps make running very pleasant.

Otis and Beau - Are doing nice marks in water and land, delivery to hand is not the best at times - no gunfire issues and obedience is coming along really well

Annie, Kate and Patch - Doing awesome - Annie continues to run well having multiple finds or bird contacts - Kate is doing well but not much in the way of bird contact - Patch is in season so not running her

Chance - Doing nice broke bird work and in very good condition

Lucy and Kane (Daniel client dogs) are doing awesome broke dog work and conditioning coming along good
Beau (Daniel client dog)  - Nice young puppy doing nice work lots of contacts

Boss and Tina - Boss doing well running a nice foot handling pattern and Tina working in nice AKC Gun Dog derby pattern

Jessie - Made some huge moves and pointed and knocked some birds

Liz - Having a good time worked some nice points this week

Lane (Daniel Client dog) Really nice puppy points going on some decent range more to come I think

Zeus, Rev, - Making some nice moves - ran over some birds - some nice backs - still working on pattern

Phoenix, Butch (Daniel Client dogs) very nice moves some nice finds still working on steadiness

Peanut - Nice running and pointing dogs - good backing and still need to get steady to wing

Alice - (Daniel client dog) doing some good work needs to run a bit more

Brunie - (Daniel client dog) Big running dog - haven't seen much of her work because generally I am chasing my dog in a different direction - work I have seen has been pretty nice

Mike and Striker - Nice young pointers plenty of go - not much bird work yet

Ricky - Running big, backing nicely - fumbled a couple bird contacts but a nice dog

Keith - Posting from Under the Rusty Windmill

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Well waiting for the fog to lift

We have been very busy - still working yard work with Daniel and I putting the young dogs through their paces.

Otis - Nice young chesapeake - obedience, heeling, sitting and turns coming along nicely - land marks are good with nice delivery - water work is ok - depends on his mood working on it

Beau - Very nice lab - obedience is lacking but his water and marks on land are excellent - still working on things but very pleased

Zeus - Relearning how to stay steady to wing and shot - a bit on the tough and stubborn side

Phoenix - Retraining to steady to wing and shot coming along - still working on it - hard to get her to stand still at the flush and shot

Rev - Coming along nicely need more contacts with birds to get totally steady but progress is good

Sassy - Way too much flagging and bird drive - gonna be a tough nut to crack - great nose

Butch - working well need more contacts and steadiness is coming along

Beau - Great puppy lots of potential lots of bird sense and good ground coverage

Jessie - Pretty much one of the top puppies at camp - doing everything right.

Chance - Doing awesome has not forgotten anything - roading hard

Caleb - Nice young puppy getting more steady and stylish - natural back needs some reinforcement

Liz - Nice young dog needs to cultivate more independence - looks good on birds and doing a nice job

Patch - Very nice young shooting dog - hormonely challenged along with about 6 other females

Keith - Posting from Under the Rusty Windmill